No to tyranny, Yes to Freedom!

July 21, 2019

Dear viewers, we bring to your attention the video “No to tyranny. Yes to Freedom!” The film “THE STORY OF MY SLAVERY”, which was released on March 31, 2019 on ALLATRA TV, caused a wide public resonance. Since the topics covered in it are so important and acute today for millions of people around the world, we decided to expand on these topics more deeply in the programme “No to tyranny. Yes to Freedom!”

From time immemorial and to the present day, Freedom is of utmost importance for a human being! A great number of heroes and heroines fought for it with weapon in their hands, but they never achieved it. Joan of Arc, Spartacus are vivid examples of that. While a fragile girl named Liza was able to achieve what Joan of Arc and Spartacus failed to, because her main “weapon” is Love in the highest and purest sense of the word. Love inspired by AllatRa! Because AllatRa is the unique Knowledge brought to all of humanity by the One Who is awaited in Islam under the epithet of Mahdi, in Christianity as the Comforter, in Buddhism as Maitreya. AllatRa is the Knowledge, which enables everyone who has accepted the Truth, to open the path to Freedom! And Liza is a wonderful example of that…


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