A World without Violence | Creative Society. The 2nd International Global Conference

June 11, 2020

These conferences are conducted on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement to raise awareness about the fact that violence of any kind should not be accepted by society. Today we know that violence happens in every part of the world, there is not one country or even community that is violence-free. But The majority of people today are striving to live in a peaceful and conflict-free world. So how do we achieve this? Today we will hear practical examples from our guests who are actively striving to end violence and bring equality and peace.  Exchange of positive international experience in addressing these issues. International public opinion on finding effective ways to solve these issues. Ways and opportunities to improve public awareness on how to address these problems.
People have long dreamed of building a harmonious society of welfare and happiness. Today all humanity has a unique opportunity to build one. Become a part of the opportunity and build a Creative Society with us!
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